Sunday, January 8, 2012


Evan and I didn't plan to become "crazy dog people," it just kind of happened on its own. Growing up, I always wanted a dog. I'm not afraid to admit it: I come from a CAT family. Cats have a bad reputation but we had the best cat in the world, Katie. She followed my brother home one day and we loved her dearly for the next 18 years. Katie was perfect but I asked for a dog (and a horse) for every holiday throughout my childhood. Guess what? I didn't get a dog (or a horse) from my parents.

I adopted Sam from the College Station pound. He was an abused, homeless little guy and I loved him. Sam was everything I ever wanted in a pup. About 6 months later, Evan adopted Layla from the Houston pound. He calls her a miniature Irish Water Spaniel because he is too embarrassed to admit that he adopted a poodle mix. She is awesome too. Things were going along just fine with our 2 dogs until Evan had to have this boxer puppy. To be fair, we had seen a lot of cool boxers in the recent past. In Hawaii we sat and watched a guy surf while his boxer sat on top of a picnic table and watched. When his owner finished, the dog ran in the ocean to swim with him. Most boxers we had seen could do all sorts of cool tricks, didn't need a leash, and were definitely "man's best friend." So, when we were faced with a tiny little boxer puppy, we decided to add him to our gang and call him "Oliver."

Ollie was so cute but we realized quickly we may have made a mistake. Ollie was freaking NUTS. He needed a lot of attention, a lot of exercise, and had to be trained fast. We sent him away to a 2 week training camp which cost $$$$ (yep, 4 dollar signs.) Oh, and it didn't work. Then we found out we were pregnant. Everyone would look at us and ask what the heck we were going to do with Ollie once the baby got here. There were even days when I cried because I knew we would have to give him up. Many people who came over would say "Boxers are THE BEST with kids!" and then Ollie would jump all over them and we would put him outside. Evan and I decided we would just figure it out once Russ got here and I am so glad we waited before making a decision.

Ollie is AMAZING with Russ and I have never seen anything like it. Every time we put Russ down, Ollie has to be right next to him. Russ talks to Ollie and has learned how to pet him. The two can sit and play together forever. Russ is so huge that he no longer likes tummy time. However, if Ollie is laying next to him, Russ will put up with tummy time for a little bit.  The only gross part is when Ollie licks Russ all over and we have to sanitize the baby (we have seen what Ollie eats in our backyard.)

So, Evan may not go surfing with Oliver anytime soon but he sure has become "Man's Best Friend." (Even if his man is only 8 months old.)

The Crew

Best Friends
Ollie is always RIGHT there

Love + Sanitizer
Tummy Time Practice


  1. Haha! We went through the same thing with our 2 dogs. We'd had them for years before we got pregnant, and were so worried we'd spoiled them to the point that they'd hate anything that took attention away from them. But they also love our little one! Our Boston Terrier licks him the same way (sometimes in the mouth!) Ick! :)