Saturday, December 31, 2011

What is this for?

This picture and a note he is off to Home Depot. What is about to happen in our lives?


Woah. Having a child brings a whole new meaning to Christmas! Absolute joy!

We had a rough start as Russ was diagnosed with Croup and given a pack of steroids. A few days later, he seemed so much worse, so we jetted back to the doc. This time we were told he had RSV/ bronchiolitis and we proceeded to give the little man 30 breathing treatments at home (not fun.)

However, it was a Christmas miracle, and Russ was feeling better on Christmas Day. Normally Christmas presents are opened over an hour or so but it took us 3 days! Between playing, eating, cooking, napping, etc, we couldn't get through it all! However, celebrating Christmas for 3 days wasn't so bad!

We had such a nice time with family!
                                                Evan's parents gave us our dogs! So funny!
                                                 Sunday Brunch at Hattie's- our favorite!

                                              Chinese Christmas- Mom stealing Dad's gift.
                                                                         Present time!
                                                          Russ in his new Track Suit!
                                                      So much cooking- no time for pants!!
                                         2 days after Christmas and we are still opening presents!!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Russ Gives Back

A blogger I follow/ love put it like this:
As part of G’s birthday traditions through the years, we want him to donate at least one of his gifts to a child in need to teach him to not be an asshole as he grows up.

I put it like this:
I want Russ to grow up to be compassionate. I want him to want to help others. I want giving to just be a part of who he is. And yes, I don't want him to grow up to be an ___. 

How do you teach one to be compassionate? I have a good guy friend, Charlie, who is always volunteering. I don't know many dudes who volunteer because they want to; usually they have to be pushed into it by a nagging wife or are trying to impress some hot girl. When I asked Charlie what got him so involved, he said his parents were always involved with a charity or volunteering at special events. He said he didn't know anything else. Now that he is grown, he and his wife, Lindsay, spend a lot of time together helping others.

SO, Evan and I wanted to start Russ out early too. This year we adopted an Angel. I picked an 11 year old boy names Jahmon for 2 reasons: 1) His name reminds me of Michael Jackson 2) His one wish was for legos. Side note: Evan has tried to buy Russ legos 47 times. Apparently they aren't baby appropriate, so he has been bummed about that. When I saw Jahmon wanted legos, I knew he was our Angel. We took a family trip to Target and loaded up on legos and big kid clothes. I just wish we could have seen his face when he opened his gifts. This will definitely be a tradition in our home.

Round 2 of giving happened at our Neighborhood Happy Hour. Our neighborhood is really fun and we have started getting together for food and cocktails once a month. This month we asked that people donate new toys and books for the kids at Scottish Rite Hospital. Russ, our cute neighbor Ashley, and I delivered the items to the hospital today.  It was so easy and the staff was incredibly thankful. 
Here is a picture of Russ Man with one of the wagons filled with donations.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Piano Man

I literally tried not to make eye contact with my husband when he carried a keyboard into our house.  (It's actually the second time he has bought one. Hey bud, your music career didn't take off with the first one...)Why did he buy a keyboard? I have no idea. It's probably the same thing inside of his brain that also told him to buy a Russian Sniper Riffle and a kayak. Anyway, he bought a keyboard and actually surprised me by sticking with it for about a month. Every morning I would find him taking a lesson on our Mac. I thought I might actually walk in one morning and find him all dressed up and ready to play a mini concert in his office. Nope. Once he joined the fly fishing club (more to come on that one) the keyboard was left in the dust...until a few days ago.

Like father, like son. Here is Russ discovering his new favorite instrument for the first time.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Santa! I know him!

I am so excited to announce that Russ has met Santa!! Not just any Santa, the REAL Santa. Everybody knows that the REAL Santa has been at Northpark Mall for the last 23 years. He is beautiful, amazing, and such a nice man. When I saw him, I got dizzy. I told Evan that he would have to be in charge of getting Russ situated because I was too nervous and excited about Mr. Claus. Russ, who had not taken his afternoon nap, was a little on edge. However, when we sat him on Santa's lap, Russ turned to him and said, "SANTA?? I KNOW HIM!!"

(Then he looked at us, made a sad face, and started fussing. So, as we thought we never would, we became the parents who waved toys and jumped up and down inside of Santa's house while trying to get the baby to smile.) I still can't believe we took OUR KID to see Santa!!!??? Awesome.