Sunday, August 11, 2013

We Moved Next Door- Before and After Pics

We are going to go ahead and call it "done" even though we Evan has a few projects left to complete. (And neighbors, yes, we are going to finish landscaping the front yard in the next week or so!)  A lot of people thought we were nuts to buy a house in such horrible condition when we were so close to having a baby. HGTV maybe made us a little overconfident but we did it and are proud to say BOTH kids are still alive and we didn't get a divorce.

The before pictures were taken after the house was cleaned. There was trash, old food, and dog poop EVERYWHERE.

Living Room:


Dining Room:
(work in progress)

 Breakfast Nook:



Half Bath:


 Jane's Room:

Russ' Room:

Master Bath:

Pool Area:
And I guess this is where we should mention...we are trying to buy the house behind us.



Thursday, July 18, 2013

What's been going on?

Hey folks! It's been a while. What's been going on in Battville? Well, Russ went to the ER, we had a baby, we moved next door, and I threw out all my size small underwear.  Since two of these four events are depressing, we will just focus on the fun ones: baby and house.

Meet Jane:

Jane Marie Batt

The first two weeks were SO easy, I felt like I needed to make things up so people wouldn't feel bad about their own babies.  However, that quickly changed when she began to explode. We are talking 40 poop diapers a day, people!? I'm sure it's Evan's fault that our babies have ridiculous stomachs.  Thanks to Dr. Smith's diaper cream and Similac's million dollar hypoallergenic formula, Jane was cured. It was smooth sailing for a few more days until Baby Jane decided to NEVER SLEEP AGAIN. We went to the lake to celebrate the 4th of July with family. Janie Bear celebrated for 15 hours straight the first day, 12 hours the next day, and finally decided to take a short nap on the 3rd and 4th day. And I'm not the kind of mom who can play it cool- this about killed me. This is where I will thank God for coffee- coffee is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

4th of July at the lake house

This week, she started smiling which is one of the best things on Earth. Russ continues to be obsessed with her and we are about to teach him how to "dance middle-school style" aka "leave room for the Lord." He basically lays on top of her every second she is awake, which thankfully is not as much as the last few weeks.

Overall, two kids is crazy. It takes a lot of coffee, wine, cartoons, and support, but oh my gosh, it's worth it.

The House:
Our lovely master bath

As I said in my last blog entry, we purchased the house next door. It was in really bad shape. Ok really, really bad shape. We had 5 weeks to re-do it and move in. We pictured ourselves easily moving, as we were just going next door. We would grab plates from one house and carry them over to the new cabinets. Unfortunately at the time of the move, the kitchen and master bath were not finished and therefore we packed a gazillion boxes and moved into a construction zone...with a 4 week old. Please note that I am not typing in a complaining tone. I am an HGTV nut, so I was thrilled with the progress. (I will complain that the dishwasher and washing machine were broken.) I just couldn't wait for everything to come together. I'm not posting the big reveal here, because we still are working on it a bit. I think I'm kind of turning into Evan because I would love to do this again!

Well, I better run. It's going to be interesting trying to find time to blog. I can barely find time to brush my hair. However, I'm sure I'll have even more material now that my "One and a Half Men" have added a new teammate. I'm just hoping she takes a little more after me or else I'm buying helmets for the whole family.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Our shiny new house

I'm not feeling cute, funny or witty this evening. Just very pregnant. 40 weeks pregnant to be exact. However, I don't have too much time to dwell on being miserably pregnant since we JUST CLOSED ON A NEW HOUSE 2 DAYS AGO. And no, it's not what you are picturing... "Oh they must be moving into a nice, move-in ready home and have hired movers to make this a smooth, easy transition with a toddler and a new baby." I mean, we are Batts, have you met us? We don't do easy (or anything normal.) We have just purchased our next door neighbor's home which needs um, a little work.

Here is a picture of my daughter's new nursery:

You may not be able to see the water damage, foundation cracks, and pet stains that have soaked through to the concrete, but it's all lovely.

We continue the theme of pet stains and cracks, but also add a broken window to Russ' bedroom:

At least after a long day of taking care of the kids, I get to relax in this master bath:

Why don't you take a seat on the relaxing patio...

 while we make you a cocktail from the bar...
There are a lot more pictures to share and I will be sure to document our progress for my sanity's sake. This house is actually unlivable at the moment, lots of smells (27 years of cigarettes and pet stains) but we see the potential. Or maybe we watch too much HGTV. However, this will be transformed over the next 5 weeks to become our new home. And I think science tell us that I HAVE to have a newborn by then... Oh my.


Sunday, March 3, 2013

A little family update


Friday I turned 31. (I also wore real pants and went to a nice restaurant.)  And while the thought of ME being in my 30s blows my mind, I'm actually ok with it for a few reasons:

 1. I still kind of look like I'm a teenager since I continue to get acne and have those side hair frizzies that would magically appear after PE class. (Evan lovingly calls it my "5th grade hair.")

 2. I'm not a dumb 20 year old anymore.  I was cringing this morning as I remembered profound things I would say when I was younger. One gem was  in a bar when I was around 22 and I looked at a group of people and whispered to my friends, "Oh my gosh those people are like 30. What are they doing out?" Well let me tell you something 22 year old me. They are escaping their kids for a few hours, letting loose, and making fun of you for drinking something stupid like a cherry vodka sour while surrounded by 48 of your best friends in coordinating outfits.

3. I love where I am in life and making it all about family. Raising kids, while challenging, is far more fun and adventurous than anything I've ever done before. I'm excited and scared to see what having 2 crazeballs will be like, but know that it will be awesome.
Kenny's Woodfire Grill


Evan continues to grow his beard and work like 27 hour days. (Yes, Mom, I know how many hours are in a day- it's a joke.) While I know that "busy is good", I'm not in love with the long hours. The good news it that JEM Bev Co continues to grow, and they are adding additional products. This weekend they started bottling their first vodka flavor: Ruby Red Grapefruit. So, you should see this popping up in the next week or so! (Think mouth-watering brunch cocktails!!) They will also be doing their official Louisiana launch this month- which will be their SEVENTH state! Good job, guys!
Ruby Red Grapefruit


While Russ may have bad taste in shoes and questionable television choices, he still is the coolest kid I know. After being sick for 8439082409820948 days in a row, I discovered that he knew some letters. It happened one day when we were watching a cartoon and Russ ran past the tv, pointed, and shouted "E!!" Sure enough, a big sparkly, blue "E" was flying in the sky. Two seconds later, Russ races by again, points, and yells "R!!" Again, he was right!? At this point my mind was blown, so I end up writing down letters on paper and asking him what they were. I was shocked to find out that he knew quite a few and was pretty pleased with himself. As a reading teacher, I decided to take advantage of this and try to get him to learn some more. So I'm proud to say he currently knows the name of 10 letters!!  He also likes pointing out different colors and does a crowd-pleasing horse impression. Coolest new word of the week: ambulance. Funniest new trick: during a diaper change, pointing to his poop and yelling "EWWWWW!" Keep up the good work, buddy.
Russ loving letters

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hell...or caramel flavored chocolate

Hell. Yep, that one word basically sums up our last week and a half. Well, now that I say that, I immediately feel guilty because I know it could have been worse. Let's just say if "life is like a box of chocolates" then this week was caramel flavored. And I HATE caramel.

Friday, Feb 8 (11 days ago)- Drive 4 hours to friends' ranch. Arrive past R's bedtime, R refuses sleeping in new place. Scream-cries till barfs...twice. Stays up 4 hours past bedtime and even still, ends up "sleeping" with me in twin size bed. Russ gets about 3 hours, I don't sleep.

Saturday, Feb 9 (10 days ago)- Russ develops cough and possible fever, drive 4 hours home back to Dallas. So much for the weekend getaway.

Sunday, Feb 10 (9 days ago)- Russ wakes up, refreshed, no fever, barely a cough. We assume he just wasn't a ranch person. Decide to let him go play for a few minutes at neighborhood play date at local gym (since I am co-hosting.) Russ decides to paint the gym with vomit. I say a few choice words, clean it up, and get the heck out of there as fast as I can. That night breathing becomes fast paced and by 10:30 fever pops up. Call on-call doctor who sounds like a 15 year old who says the word "like" too many times. Couldn't concentrate on what she had to say. Called ER but they couldn't give medical advice over the phone. Call sis-in-law (doctor) who says, "If it were me, I'd take him to ER." Arrive at ER around 11pm.

Daddy calming the patient with some Bob Schneider music videos
Thank GOODNESS we went. Fever spiked to 104.5, breathing 68 x a minute and not getting enough oxygen. An x-ray, IV, and an hour later, we were told pneumonia. Wheeled up to our new room for the next few days.

Russ and I share hospital bed and once again, don't sleep. Mom and Dad are emotionally drained and worried about our baby.
 Wait, why I am sneezing and coughing now?

Monday, Feb 11 (8 days ago)- Much better day. Daddy brought clothes, toys, books. Nice nurse brought a play mat and toys. Nap time and bed time difficult, ok awful, wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Well, if I had an enemy, I guess he/she would deserve something like this. Man- it was bad. And why do I feel so sick?

Tuesday, Feb 12 (7 days ago)- Operation "Get us out of here." We were done. After many days of no-sleep, we were determined that Russ (and family) needed to be back in own beds. Second chest x-ray made doctors change diagnosis from pneumonia to bronchiolitis and said we could go home. Upon entering his house, Russ ran from dog to dog screaming their names, played with every toy in the house, and slept like, well...a baby.
While Russ is getting better (thank God), I'm starting to feel really bad.

Wed- Friday (6-4 days ago)- Russ continues to feel better. Sleeps longer than usual which is really nice. I finally can't take how bad I feel, so I run to doctor. Upper respiratory infection. "Try to not fill antibiotics prescription since you're pregnant and have already been on them twice". Evan now has gone from taking care of everything at hospital to being Mr. Mom- putting Russ down for naps and bed, grocery shopping, getting us breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
 I'm laying in bed, tissues shoved in nostrils, coughing my face off.

Saturday- Sunday (3-2 days ago)- Evan continues to take over my job as "House Manager." He and Russ try to stay as far away from Germville as possible. Russ is a rock star by now!

Monday, Feb 18- Evan leaves town and Mom comes to save the day. I wake up in tears-never felt so sick and even worse, scared for new baby's health. Now have sinus infection and my right eye is crusted shut. I look like a crusty, sick pirate.

Am worked into OBGYN to do a once over. Convinced it's medication time.

TODAY, Tuesday Feb 19- Get out of bed to take Russ to and from school. My new trick- cough till you barf. It's awesome. Mom comes over to save the day, again. She is currently making chicken noodle soup while Russ is running around with no pants, shaking a maraca. Praying to feel somewhat better as I feel helpless not being able to care for my family.

Lessons Learned:

1. Taking your child to the hospital is incredibly emotional and difficult. I know, I know, obviously. However it's not all bad emotion. You are constantly feeling how much you and your spouse LOVE your baby and how you would do anything to protect him.

2. My husband is THE best. Now this isn't where I type out the cheeseball husband birthday/anniversary Facebook style shout-out. You know the ones you see pop up in your news feed every day? "Happy Birthday to the best husband and father in the entire world! We love you more than  you will ever know..." Or, "5 years ago today, so-and-so became my husband. You complete me and I love you honey". THAT IS NOT what I plan on doing here. Let me just point out a few things that warmed my heart:

Evan showed up the first morning in a hospital with a bag full of goodies. For me, my ugliest comfiest granny panties. That right there is true love, people. When your husband realizes you are crammed in a hospital bed with a toddler and thinks to bring you granny panties. He also brought my other two favorite things without asking: sweatpants and cupcakes. For Russ, he brought all of his favorite toys and books from home. He also found cheddar penguin crackers. (We get a kick out of everything that comes in cheddar cracker form. So far, my favorite are the HEB brand cheddar Texas crackers. Cheddar Texases? Hilarious. (Is that how you pluralize Texas?)) Russ was thrilled.

He also gets Husband of the Year for taking over for SEVEN days. He did EVERYTHING while I was stuck in bed. Nap, diapers, food for the family, taking Russ on adventures, getting my meds, not making comments when I randomly barfed in the kitchen sink. Evan, man, you deserve a trophy.

3. Being sick is hard. Being sick and pregnant is VERY hard. Being sick and pregnant with a toddler is crazy. I'm not writing this post to get sympathy but to put it out there that I was truly a wreck (and still kind of am.) When pregnant, you read a million different things about what to do when you are sick. Don't take medicine. Take medicines only from the sheet of paper your doctor gave you at the beginning of pregnancy. Take medicine because it's safer for the baby than getting really sick. Well let me tell you after 9 days of this, I've done it all: avoided medicine, gotten really sick, and now am taking medicine (that my doctor has approved.) It still doesn't mean that I'm cool with it but I truly think it's best for both of us (baby and me.)

Hoping tomorrow, day 10 of sickness, is my lucky day. And as I said, "If life is like a box of chocolates.." then I hope tomorrow is a raspberry creamed filled day.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Pregnancy Brain vs. Toddler Brain

If you have ever been pregnant or have lived with a pregnant woman, you know about pregnancy brain. In fact, my former teaching partner knew I was pregnant the moment I walked into school with my dress on inside out and backwards. Normally she wouldn't have said anything just to have a good laugh but this time she immediately called me out as "pregnant." How did she know? Because I was turning into a complete idiot- well, more than usual.

This time I have pregnancy brain AND live with a toddler. Toddlers' brains seem to be related to pregnancy brains. However, they don't have as bad of a reputation since they are like 1 1/2 yrs old and mine is like 30, ok, almost 31.  (omg, I just barfed a little...)

Things have gotten a little ridiculous, so I thought I would take some pictures over the last few days, just to document what we are dealing with. The question is- who did it? Russ or me? Or Ollie. I forgot, we can still blame things on the dog.
Nobody shaves anymore. Whose shaver and why is it in bed?

Phone in the dog food

Sippy cup and that dang shaver in MY bathroom cabinet.

This could have been anyone.

So maybe I "TEXify" my hair to give it some "umf". However, in the middle of rat-nesting my hair, Russ needed me and I totally forgot to smooth it out. 15 min later I looked in the mirror to find Snookie. Russ' fault.

This isn't part of the pregnancy/ toddler game brain. This is just something else that happened. It's hard to see in this picture but unfortunately easy to see in person. So, there was a huge cockroach in my bathroom (gag) that I couldn't reach to murder. Evan came in and killed it. I didn't think about it again until a few days ago when I noticed the blood and guts smeared all over the wall. Umm...Evan? I couldn't reach the cockroach. Now I can't reach the blood and guts.

We are falling apart around here.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

It's a GIRL!

The first year of being a new parent is really hard. It is the most amazing experience BUT IT IS REALLY HARD. However, after Baby #1 gets a little bigger, something magical happens. The guys from the Men in Black movie come to your house in the middle of the night, pull out that device that erases your memory, and you wake up desperate for another little person to join the family.


The second I found out I was pregnant, I was dying to know boy or girl!?! Most of my friends are insane and don't find out the baby's gender. Apparently they don't like to plan in advance and really like the color yellow (kidding, friends. kind of.) Evan and I are the exact opposite and want to know as soon as possible. This time we volunteered to have a sono at a teaching clinic which means a) we got it for free and b) we were able to find out at 17 weeks! We also decided to mix it up and have a gender reveal party. So, once the doctor knew the sex, she wrote it secretly on a piece of paper and sealed it in an envelope. Evan then handed over the envelope to our good friend, Matt, who took it from there.

After about 6 hours of torture, we gathered a small group of friends for a Piñata Party at the distillery. People who thought it was a girl wore tiaras while the people who were guessing boy, sported stick on fuzzy, black mustaches. We screamed with joy when we whacked the piñata and PINK candy came out. WHAT A SHOCK!!

To say we are excited about our little girl is an understatement. We are thrilled!! (Well, until she decides she likes boys and then we can revisit this conversation.) Currently my favorite activity is rolling around in the baby girl clothing section at Target. All of you other boy moms know what I'm talking about. We are obsessed with our little men but secretly a piece of us dies when we see ruffle booty leggings with navy and white striped pea coats for $15 at Target. Oh! And I also get to join things like Smocked Auctions. I couldn't before because I have a BOY and I want him to still love me when he looks back at his baby photos.

Russ and Evan are getting ready for baby Girl, too. Poor Evan is loosing ground around the house. His man cave is turning into the playroom and his office is turning into the nursery. While he is over the moon about his little girl, he is already becoming protective. I told him he doesn't need a new rifle yet and he can stop looking into karate lessons. She will be just fine. Plus, since Evan stopped shaving, he looks a little intimidating anyway. Russ is practicing saying words like "baby" and "sister" and I'm praying he decides his tantrums are so 2012. And I'll be honest, I think things will be crazy ( and at times, borderline insane) but I am so looking forward to our little family of 4. At least I know I will have a TON of material to write about in the near future.