Thursday, July 18, 2013

What's been going on?

Hey folks! It's been a while. What's been going on in Battville? Well, Russ went to the ER, we had a baby, we moved next door, and I threw out all my size small underwear.  Since two of these four events are depressing, we will just focus on the fun ones: baby and house.

Meet Jane:

Jane Marie Batt

The first two weeks were SO easy, I felt like I needed to make things up so people wouldn't feel bad about their own babies.  However, that quickly changed when she began to explode. We are talking 40 poop diapers a day, people!? I'm sure it's Evan's fault that our babies have ridiculous stomachs.  Thanks to Dr. Smith's diaper cream and Similac's million dollar hypoallergenic formula, Jane was cured. It was smooth sailing for a few more days until Baby Jane decided to NEVER SLEEP AGAIN. We went to the lake to celebrate the 4th of July with family. Janie Bear celebrated for 15 hours straight the first day, 12 hours the next day, and finally decided to take a short nap on the 3rd and 4th day. And I'm not the kind of mom who can play it cool- this about killed me. This is where I will thank God for coffee- coffee is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

4th of July at the lake house

This week, she started smiling which is one of the best things on Earth. Russ continues to be obsessed with her and we are about to teach him how to "dance middle-school style" aka "leave room for the Lord." He basically lays on top of her every second she is awake, which thankfully is not as much as the last few weeks.

Overall, two kids is crazy. It takes a lot of coffee, wine, cartoons, and support, but oh my gosh, it's worth it.

The House:
Our lovely master bath

As I said in my last blog entry, we purchased the house next door. It was in really bad shape. Ok really, really bad shape. We had 5 weeks to re-do it and move in. We pictured ourselves easily moving, as we were just going next door. We would grab plates from one house and carry them over to the new cabinets. Unfortunately at the time of the move, the kitchen and master bath were not finished and therefore we packed a gazillion boxes and moved into a construction zone...with a 4 week old. Please note that I am not typing in a complaining tone. I am an HGTV nut, so I was thrilled with the progress. (I will complain that the dishwasher and washing machine were broken.) I just couldn't wait for everything to come together. I'm not posting the big reveal here, because we still are working on it a bit. I think I'm kind of turning into Evan because I would love to do this again!

Well, I better run. It's going to be interesting trying to find time to blog. I can barely find time to brush my hair. However, I'm sure I'll have even more material now that my "One and a Half Men" have added a new teammate. I'm just hoping she takes a little more after me or else I'm buying helmets for the whole family.

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