Friday, May 24, 2013

Our shiny new house

I'm not feeling cute, funny or witty this evening. Just very pregnant. 40 weeks pregnant to be exact. However, I don't have too much time to dwell on being miserably pregnant since we JUST CLOSED ON A NEW HOUSE 2 DAYS AGO. And no, it's not what you are picturing... "Oh they must be moving into a nice, move-in ready home and have hired movers to make this a smooth, easy transition with a toddler and a new baby." I mean, we are Batts, have you met us? We don't do easy (or anything normal.) We have just purchased our next door neighbor's home which needs um, a little work.

Here is a picture of my daughter's new nursery:

You may not be able to see the water damage, foundation cracks, and pet stains that have soaked through to the concrete, but it's all lovely.

We continue the theme of pet stains and cracks, but also add a broken window to Russ' bedroom:

At least after a long day of taking care of the kids, I get to relax in this master bath:

Why don't you take a seat on the relaxing patio...

 while we make you a cocktail from the bar...
There are a lot more pictures to share and I will be sure to document our progress for my sanity's sake. This house is actually unlivable at the moment, lots of smells (27 years of cigarettes and pet stains) but we see the potential. Or maybe we watch too much HGTV. However, this will be transformed over the next 5 weeks to become our new home. And I think science tell us that I HAVE to have a newborn by then... Oh my.



  1. Oh Sally! I hope that little missy makes he appearance SOON! And, I bet that house will be gorgeous by the time you guys are ready to get in there. What a fun story it makes. :)

    1. Thank you! Since I am STILL preggo, I did get to make all the tile, flooring, etc selections today. I am VERY excited to see how this project turns out. And at least I will be able to drink wine soon! :)

  2. OMG you are a saint! How will it be done in five weeks?! At least you'll have a warehouse full of alcohol to "sample" during the process.

  3. Lovely! Gotta love that Batt thing!! Congrats on the home purchase! And, let's get this birthing story going! Love you guys!

  4. I come home Monday so I'm expecting to come to the hospital. Followed by the moving party where I'm sure I'll be watching the neighborhood kids.