Sunday, March 3, 2013

A little family update


Friday I turned 31. (I also wore real pants and went to a nice restaurant.)  And while the thought of ME being in my 30s blows my mind, I'm actually ok with it for a few reasons:

 1. I still kind of look like I'm a teenager since I continue to get acne and have those side hair frizzies that would magically appear after PE class. (Evan lovingly calls it my "5th grade hair.")

 2. I'm not a dumb 20 year old anymore.  I was cringing this morning as I remembered profound things I would say when I was younger. One gem was  in a bar when I was around 22 and I looked at a group of people and whispered to my friends, "Oh my gosh those people are like 30. What are they doing out?" Well let me tell you something 22 year old me. They are escaping their kids for a few hours, letting loose, and making fun of you for drinking something stupid like a cherry vodka sour while surrounded by 48 of your best friends in coordinating outfits.

3. I love where I am in life and making it all about family. Raising kids, while challenging, is far more fun and adventurous than anything I've ever done before. I'm excited and scared to see what having 2 crazeballs will be like, but know that it will be awesome.
Kenny's Woodfire Grill


Evan continues to grow his beard and work like 27 hour days. (Yes, Mom, I know how many hours are in a day- it's a joke.) While I know that "busy is good", I'm not in love with the long hours. The good news it that JEM Bev Co continues to grow, and they are adding additional products. This weekend they started bottling their first vodka flavor: Ruby Red Grapefruit. So, you should see this popping up in the next week or so! (Think mouth-watering brunch cocktails!!) They will also be doing their official Louisiana launch this month- which will be their SEVENTH state! Good job, guys!
Ruby Red Grapefruit


While Russ may have bad taste in shoes and questionable television choices, he still is the coolest kid I know. After being sick for 8439082409820948 days in a row, I discovered that he knew some letters. It happened one day when we were watching a cartoon and Russ ran past the tv, pointed, and shouted "E!!" Sure enough, a big sparkly, blue "E" was flying in the sky. Two seconds later, Russ races by again, points, and yells "R!!" Again, he was right!? At this point my mind was blown, so I end up writing down letters on paper and asking him what they were. I was shocked to find out that he knew quite a few and was pretty pleased with himself. As a reading teacher, I decided to take advantage of this and try to get him to learn some more. So I'm proud to say he currently knows the name of 10 letters!!  He also likes pointing out different colors and does a crowd-pleasing horse impression. Coolest new word of the week: ambulance. Funniest new trick: during a diaper change, pointing to his poop and yelling "EWWWWW!" Keep up the good work, buddy.
Russ loving letters

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