Sunday, August 11, 2013

We Moved Next Door- Before and After Pics

We are going to go ahead and call it "done" even though we Evan has a few projects left to complete. (And neighbors, yes, we are going to finish landscaping the front yard in the next week or so!)  A lot of people thought we were nuts to buy a house in such horrible condition when we were so close to having a baby. HGTV maybe made us a little overconfident but we did it and are proud to say BOTH kids are still alive and we didn't get a divorce.

The before pictures were taken after the house was cleaned. There was trash, old food, and dog poop EVERYWHERE.

Living Room:


Dining Room:
(work in progress)

 Breakfast Nook:



Half Bath:


 Jane's Room:

Russ' Room:

Master Bath:

Pool Area:
And I guess this is where we should mention...we are trying to buy the house behind us.



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  1. That's amazing! Everything looks so great! Good luck with your next purchase!