Saturday, January 12, 2013

It's a GIRL!

The first year of being a new parent is really hard. It is the most amazing experience BUT IT IS REALLY HARD. However, after Baby #1 gets a little bigger, something magical happens. The guys from the Men in Black movie come to your house in the middle of the night, pull out that device that erases your memory, and you wake up desperate for another little person to join the family.


The second I found out I was pregnant, I was dying to know boy or girl!?! Most of my friends are insane and don't find out the baby's gender. Apparently they don't like to plan in advance and really like the color yellow (kidding, friends. kind of.) Evan and I are the exact opposite and want to know as soon as possible. This time we volunteered to have a sono at a teaching clinic which means a) we got it for free and b) we were able to find out at 17 weeks! We also decided to mix it up and have a gender reveal party. So, once the doctor knew the sex, she wrote it secretly on a piece of paper and sealed it in an envelope. Evan then handed over the envelope to our good friend, Matt, who took it from there.

After about 6 hours of torture, we gathered a small group of friends for a Piñata Party at the distillery. People who thought it was a girl wore tiaras while the people who were guessing boy, sported stick on fuzzy, black mustaches. We screamed with joy when we whacked the piñata and PINK candy came out. WHAT A SHOCK!!

To say we are excited about our little girl is an understatement. We are thrilled!! (Well, until she decides she likes boys and then we can revisit this conversation.) Currently my favorite activity is rolling around in the baby girl clothing section at Target. All of you other boy moms know what I'm talking about. We are obsessed with our little men but secretly a piece of us dies when we see ruffle booty leggings with navy and white striped pea coats for $15 at Target. Oh! And I also get to join things like Smocked Auctions. I couldn't before because I have a BOY and I want him to still love me when he looks back at his baby photos.

Russ and Evan are getting ready for baby Girl, too. Poor Evan is loosing ground around the house. His man cave is turning into the playroom and his office is turning into the nursery. While he is over the moon about his little girl, he is already becoming protective. I told him he doesn't need a new rifle yet and he can stop looking into karate lessons. She will be just fine. Plus, since Evan stopped shaving, he looks a little intimidating anyway. Russ is practicing saying words like "baby" and "sister" and I'm praying he decides his tantrums are so 2012. And I'll be honest, I think things will be crazy ( and at times, borderline insane) but I am so looking forward to our little family of 4. At least I know I will have a TON of material to write about in the near future.


  1. I am so so so excited for y'all! You are going to LOVE having one of each- best of both worlds!! There is also nothing that makes your heart melt quite like the first time you see big brother stick up for baby sister. To die for. Enjoy shopping!!!!!

    1. Thank you so much! I am so excited! This girl stuff is pretty darn cute!

  2. I would be broke if we had a girl, too many adorable choices!!! Congrats!!