Sunday, December 11, 2011

Piano Man

I literally tried not to make eye contact with my husband when he carried a keyboard into our house.  (It's actually the second time he has bought one. Hey bud, your music career didn't take off with the first one...)Why did he buy a keyboard? I have no idea. It's probably the same thing inside of his brain that also told him to buy a Russian Sniper Riffle and a kayak. Anyway, he bought a keyboard and actually surprised me by sticking with it for about a month. Every morning I would find him taking a lesson on our Mac. I thought I might actually walk in one morning and find him all dressed up and ready to play a mini concert in his office. Nope. Once he joined the fly fishing club (more to come on that one) the keyboard was left in the dust...until a few days ago.

Like father, like son. Here is Russ discovering his new favorite instrument for the first time.

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