Saturday, December 31, 2011


Woah. Having a child brings a whole new meaning to Christmas! Absolute joy!

We had a rough start as Russ was diagnosed with Croup and given a pack of steroids. A few days later, he seemed so much worse, so we jetted back to the doc. This time we were told he had RSV/ bronchiolitis and we proceeded to give the little man 30 breathing treatments at home (not fun.)

However, it was a Christmas miracle, and Russ was feeling better on Christmas Day. Normally Christmas presents are opened over an hour or so but it took us 3 days! Between playing, eating, cooking, napping, etc, we couldn't get through it all! However, celebrating Christmas for 3 days wasn't so bad!

We had such a nice time with family!
                                                Evan's parents gave us our dogs! So funny!
                                                 Sunday Brunch at Hattie's- our favorite!

                                              Chinese Christmas- Mom stealing Dad's gift.
                                                                         Present time!
                                                          Russ in his new Track Suit!
                                                      So much cooking- no time for pants!!
                                         2 days after Christmas and we are still opening presents!!!

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