Monday, February 6, 2012

9 months

Little Man is almost 9 months old and all of a sudden has so many new tricks.  It's about time because I was sick of answering the same questions: "Does he roll around a lot?" "No." "Is he sleeping through the night?" "No." And my ABSOLUTE favorite one that makes me take a deep breath so I won't punch someone: "Does he crawl yet?" "No. My baby weighs more than all 3 of your kids combined (and could eat them) and is happy just hanging out.

Even though he couldn't do these "tricks" he was still more awesome than anyone I know. He has 4, yes 4 teeth. He has bright red hair that usually spikes straight up in the air. He laughs at all of my jokes. He can pet the dogs, play with toys, play the keyboard, and melt your heart.

HOWEVER, this past weekend was huge! He learned how to roll and won't stop! He rolls around all over the place and thinks it's a game. He can "drive" his car forward and now tears around the house. Tonight he "crawled" backwards (naked.) Russ also discovered new instruments: the drum, bells, and his new favorite, the tambourine. Today was the first day that I made him his own plate of lunch and dinner. He ate meatballs, veggies, and fruit. He drank water from a sippy cup. Afterwards he splashed like crazy in his tub. Ok, ok, now I'm just bragging.

I thought I would also share a list of his current 3 favorite things:

1. His new Teepee
Evan bought himself Russ a teepee
2. Pedro- Mimi sent him a new toy and we thought it was a mistake. It looked like something from a Mexican market. However, Mimi was right and it rocks. We named it Pedro.

Russ + Pedro= Party

3. Ball Pit

Wanna join me?


  1. Awww he is too cute! I'm so proud of Russ and all his accomplishments, especially sitting in daddy's lap in the tee-pee during story time! Gosh, I wish I had story time. those were the days. :)

  2. I love Russ! What a cutie! Our redheads needs to meet some day!

    AND he has a Rody!! Those are the best!

    Congrats Russ on all you are growing and learning! :( Tear.

  3. Oh girl- don't let anyone bother you with what Russ is or isn't doing! He is just perfect the way he is and you are doing a phenomenal job with him. He is SUCH a cutie!!!!!