Sunday, March 11, 2012

10 Months's been a long time since I have been on here. It's cute that I thought I would have time to sit down and type every few days.
Yesterday Russ turned 10 months old!! If you do the math, that means I will have a ONE year old in 2 months. What? Anyway, I'll admit it; Month 9 has been my favorite. Let me start off by saying that Russ is the WORST sleeper ever. This problem is even worse now that he has learned how to sit and pull up in his crib. Oh and he also learned how to scream at the top of his lungs. So it goes like this: 1) Russ wakes up in the middle of the night. 2) He sits up and then pulls up trying to make a break for it. 3) He gets freaked out and then screams. 4) Mom and Dad start the "sleep training" process and ignore him. 5) Mom decides this is ridiculous. 6) Mom is up for 10-30 min comforting child back to sleep. 7) Russ remembers all the fun stuff we do each day, so he decides to wake up at 6:43 on the dot every morning. (Unless he decides that we should get up earlier.) 8) Mom inserts coffee into her veins, hears Russ laugh and then decides that waking up at 6:43 was probably a good idea anyway.

Fun Facts:

-My 10 month old is busting out of his 18-24 month Batman pajamas.
-During month 9, he crawled twice to the one dog in our family who has no interest in him. (Why do guys always want the girl they can't have?)
-He learned how to open drawers. Darn it.
- He says "Dada," "baba," and "woah," which probably all mean "Mom" in Spanish.
- A 5th tooth is coming in which is cute but has turned him into a vampire. He gets all hyper and bites me. It is hilarious but painful.
- He is pulling up on everything, especially on us and the Boxer.
- He loves going out to eat. He enjoys "real people food" mashed up into small pieces.
- Adventures this month included a trip to my parents' house in Boerne, a stop in Temple to visit cousins, and a field trip to downtown McKinney for an afternoon.

Hanging in the Hill Country in his cousin's truck. 16th birthday present?

Our lives as we know it are over.

Now that he can open drawers...

Russ passed out sitting up.

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