Thursday, April 26, 2012

Mustang Sally

Mustang Sally Evan:

It's taken me a month to blog about this. I wasn't going to for the following reasons:

1. Posting pics of your new car is only acceptable if:
 - It's something really cool like an old jeep.
 - You traded in your sexy car for  a minivan and you need people to tell you it's ok because it's "reliable"or to reassure you that you still got it!

2. This was not a Sally/Evan decision. (I will say that we have purchased 2 jeeps off of craiglist, fixed them up, enjoyed them for a few months and then sold them for a small profit. This car was supposed to be the same sort of thing.) If I blogged about it, I could no longer ignore this new thing in our garage.

3. If you are in a relationship, you probably have something you bet/barter with. For example, "I bet you a million dollars that I'm right." or "I'll give you a back rub if you will feed the dogs." In our relationship, Evan always bets/barters with a Mustang. Who in the heck actually believes that one must PAY UP in these actual situations?!

Side Note: Let me also say that Evan's spontaneity is one of my favorite qualities. It is what makes our marriage so much freaking fun. For example, nothing planned on a Saturday night? Let's get dressed in camo and go wrap our friends house. No NYE plans? Let's go to New Orleans for the night. However, surprising me with an old car did not get the response he expected. 

Anyway, I've done a pretty good job of giving the car the cold shoulder. I may have even hinted a smile when it broke down 3 times in the first week. However, I have started to check on it in the garage a bit. Maybe Evan is right, we have a little fun with it and then sell it, just like the Jeeps.

So, why I am writing about this 3rd wheel in our relationship? Because it may have just made our night last night. We decided to go on a date since we have had a hard week with a sick baby. Since Russ is finally better, we felt comfortable getting a sitter and going to dinner. We got all dressed and Evan asked, "Wanna take the mustang?" I asked, "Do you think it will get us there and back?"

Let me tell you, last night was awesome. We got in, rolled down the windows (no air conditioning), turned on oldies/ classic rock and were off. I don't know if he realized it, but Evan had his arm around me the whole time. He also kept saying things like, "I'm takin' my best gal to dinner." I couldn't help but smile the entire time.

So maybe I accidentally opened the door instead of rolling down the window, twice, while we were driving. Maybe we had to park it 4 times before we got the hang of it. Maybe we should still be arguing about it. However, before we do re-list it on Craig's List, I may have to enjoy it a bit.

 I couldn't help the feeling I got when we were both singing at the top of our lungs, cruising around like it was 1966.

Spur of the moment New Orleans trip- NYE

Our first craiglist jeep-: cost+ insurance+gas= sale price. Broke even on this one.
Wrapping Jake and Carrington's house. Sorry guys, we were bored.  (those are wigs.)

1966 Mustang


  1. You guys are adorable. This made me smile :)

  2. Hilarious!!!! Love you crazy Batts! (and that amazing NYE in New Orleans!)