Saturday, April 14, 2012

You Stuck a Lego Where? And other 11 month milestones

 As you know, I have not created a braggy, "my life with my perfect baby is just so glamourous and easy" kind of blog. However, I have bragged and smothered you with pictures of Ollie and Russ being best friends. All those pictures were so darn cute that I could have made a million dollars with the greeting card companies. (Wait. Be right back. Ollie just licked my peanut butter and jelly sandwich and now Russ is grabbing it...) Ok, like I was saying, those 2 were on their way to making it on that Channel 5 "Tell Me Something Good" segment. "Why is this all in past tense?" you may be asking aloud in front of your computer. Well, we actually have no idea. Ollie now hates the baby. He is terrified of him. He sees Russ crawling in and he takes off running. Tail between the legs, ears down and books it. We think Russ must have taken a lego and...well, you get it. So, while my dog & baby pics were getting more likes on Facebook than sorority girls in bikinis, this time in our lives has temporarily closed. Hopefully "to be continued..."

On a happy front, Russel has grown up so much this past month. While we had a rough 8 days of Mr. Screamies (yes, I took him to the doctor b/c I thought something was physically wrong- nope just a phase) the other weeks of month 10 were awesome!! Russ now crawls and pulls up on everything! He is fast, determined and all over the place. It has made our job so much more difficult but it is so fun seeing him grow and learn new tricks. Our favorite new trick is his head shake. He shakes it side to side like he is saying "no." That alone is cute but his timing has been amazing lately. It actually started a few weeks ago when Evan picked up some banh mi sandwiches from a local food truck. Those of you who know Evan, know that he is full of it. Evan was "explaining" to me that the French had formed colonies in Vietnam and together had invented banh mi sandwich. As Evan was bs-ing talking, Russ started shaking his head "no"and hasn't stopped since. One of the neighbors came up to us on a walk and asked Russ, "Are you being nice to you parents?" Head shake no. Another lady said, "You are going to be a shameless flirt." Head shake no. I ask if he likes Mommy more than Daddy. Head shake no- which we have found also means "yes."

Russ pulling up on the toilet. I've obviously given up on being a germ freak.
Stats: 11 months, wears 24 month clothing, 26lbs, 6 teeth.
Favorites: Gerber Graduate Snacks, playing in the front yard, eating bananas

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