Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Mom's Music Camp

In case you don't have a little one, let me inform you that there are a handful of cool activities that are offered for children around town. The problem is that everything costs 1 million dollars. The most awesome class I've found is a music class offered at Kidville. They actually audition and hire local musicians to form a band that plays and teaches music to kids ages newborn to 6. Sounds amazing right? Yeah, except for the fact that it's over $500. Normally I'm the cheapo in our family but this time Evan had to remind me that our son was one and didn't need a semester of music school. I almost karate chopped him when he asked, "Can't you just do your own music class at home?" So that is exactly what we are doing now. Mom's Music Camp.

It actually just happened on its own. Russ has inherited my adorableness and Evan's attention span. He won't even look at kid programs on tv. When I told everyone that he loved "I'm Elmo and I know it," I lied. He didn't look at it for more than 10 seconds...I was the one who got the biggest kick out of it and even made my neighbor, Ashley, come over and watch it with me. So, a few days ago we started our normal morning routine of tearing up the house while playing with every single toy. I decided to YouTube videos of my favorite musician, Bob Schneider, so we could have some background music. Little did I know that Mister Spazman would pull up, find where the music was coming from and then watch the music video in its entirety. Just like his mom and dad, he recognizes good music. I then turned on another one. Same thing, just stood and stared. I then took out all his instruments and started shaking them to the beat. Russ banged the drums and at times, shook his maracas. My proudest moment was when he started dancing- a little bounce that is pretty darn cute. This is now our new morning routine. We do mom's music camp for as long Russ wants to. So, what have we learned from this little story? Mommy needs $500 for music class.

 ****Russ' Favorite Videos ***
[if you are already a Bob fan, you know he often uses too many f words to feel comfortable about taking your mom to a show. These videos are Russ and Jane approved.] 

 His favorite one is: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=mZN0CHclAtw 

(I have WAAAAY better pics on my phone but for some reason they aren't uploading on here! ugh!)
Bangin' on the drum

Loving the music videos

Russ pointing to his music video

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