Sunday, November 20, 2011

Evan Wants to be a Police Officer, story 1 (of many)

 Evan has always “threatened” to quit his job and become a cop. Sometimes I thought he was serious but then the conversation would usually turn into how cool he would look with a mustache or how fun it would be to play good cop/ bad cop when busting up high school parties.

This is a picture of Evan busting our own High School Themed party a few years ago. I’ll write about that in a future “Evan wants to be a Police Officer” blog entry.

Well, about a year ago he busted into our kitchen all excited and said, “Guess what? I am going to take a 7 hour volunteer police officer training! Oh, and I need a partner, so I signed you up too.” By this time, I wasn’t really surprised. I’m often added to his random activities.

So, we spent about 7 hours at the police station and realized it was more of a neighborhood crime watch class and that we were the only non-retired people there. However, we took it seriously and had fun. (Several people remarked that I must be an awfully responsible teenager to be so involved in my neighborhood.)

2 pieces of good news.
1: We earned these certificates. (Evan will do ANYTHING as long as there is a certificate involved.)

2. We became pals with our area Chief of Police and patrolmen.

The Chief emailed me because he knew Evan wanted to do a ride along and told me that I should sign up too.  I told him that since I didn’t want to see drugs, violence, or gangs that I would probably just as well stay home. Chief told me that I could ride with him and decide which calls I was comfortable with and that he would send Evan out in a patrol car. We ended up going out on the same shift, which was about 7pm-3am. Actually, Evan started earlier because (naturally) he wanted to be a part of roll call.

Evan’s night:
-Domestic Disturbance between teens- one teen went to jail
-Answered an alarm call (raced down 75 but stopped short when lady realized it was her daughter’s friend who had come over)
- Saw a pimp with a tattooed neck, carrying a silver briefcase to his Mercedes. Officer ran plates but car was in one of his gal’s names.
- Pulled up behind a Highland Park police officer who had pulled over teens riding on the side of their Tahoe. Evan’s favorite part of the night was watching the Dad lay into them.

Sally’s night:
- Talked to the Crips in South Dallas (scary)
-Talked to Nicole, a “frisky” prostitute who works behind a gas station off of 635
- Talked to 3 “lovely” (MEAN) Ladies of the Night in front of a motel (also scary)
- Pulled up on cops talking to another prostitute. (They were actually nice to her because they have arrested her many times over the last ten years.)
- Investigated a fight at a martini bar (stayed in car)
- Drove around looking for a car that was involved in random gunfire.

A good time was had by all. Oh, and we also have joined our neighborhood crime watch and have been on patrol. We reported that 3 garage doors were open.


  1. How fun!!! If it weren't for baby, I'd want to do this ride along too. I love to watch Cop shows and it'd be fun to see one in action.

  2. I'm laughing hysterically! Funniest ever!!!