Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween Week

Halloween with a little one sure is neat! We are thrilled that young couples with babies seem to be moving in all around us! Young, active neighbors + our new neighborhood Facebook page= lots of Halloween fun. On Sunday we had a neighborhood walk which was lead by one of our crime watch patrol cars. Costumes: Russ- Batman, Evan- Robin, Sally- Cat Woman, Jammie- Proud Grandmother. On Monday morning, Russ and I went to Stroller Fit which is a workout class for mommies and babies. Russ and his buddies looked ridiculously adorable in their costumes! Costumes: Russ- parrot, Sally- Mom trying to loose her baby weight. On Halloween evening we attended a neighborhood block party. Costumes: Russ- parrot, Sally- Mom of a baby who wouldn't sleep, Evan- Dad who came straight from work. After the party, Evan dashed home to throw on his pirate costume. He could't wait to take his baby boy trick-or-treating. Unfortunately, Russ made it to one house before passing out in Daddy's arms. Evan, still super proud Dad, carried his sleeping baby down to one more house before ending our Halloween celebration. By the way, Evan bought FULL SIZED CANDY BARS again this year. Shoulda come to our house!
BATTman, Robin, and Cat Woman before the Neighborhood Walk (Russ in the swing he gave his Dad for his birthday.)
Here are some of the boys who couldn't sit up for the toddler pic. Don't you just wanna smooch em?
Pirate and parrot
Trick or Treating
Passed out parrot.

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  1. Sounds like fun! And I so want to smooch Russ in that last picture! So sweet!!